20 July, 2007

Blogger ADD

I realize that this will be the third post in 24 hours but I am on a roll. I found this amazing ad in an old knitting magazine and am obsessed with knitting the plaid version of these argyle socks in Gems Fingering that Rosie's just got in. I am even thinking of kitting them like these were in cute little Rosie's boxes to sell in different colorways. I would totally do them in the round though, because knitting socks back and forth is stupid and intarsia in the round is totally easy once you have someone show you. Aren't they amazing? Now to pick colors...

But then I am totally distracted by this Terra, which is one of the lovliest yarns I have seen in a long time. I really want to make this Kimono thing cuz I think it will be amazing in the fall when I'm really pregnant. I just can't decide whether to do it in the colors they show, the Mint and Black Walnut or in my faves Acorn and Butternut (below). The colors as shown really do look great in person, I saw the sample at TNNA. My plan was to work on it tonight at the movies (we're going to see Harry Potter) but the way they have you do the mitering is silly and I kinda want to do the mint part first, using a provisional cast on and then pick up with the Black Walnut all the way around and miter it. They have you casting on the Black Walnut and putting the last st of each row on a holder, then knitting the body, then picking up for the neck and working it together with the live sts you began with. That just seems like too many steps when it could be so many fewer. So, I won't be casting on on the trolley tonight. I need to think on it. What do you think about the colors?

19 July, 2007

Everybody loves dogs

especially in clothes.

Yea Interweave Crochet, Boo Interweave Knits!

So my submission for Interweave Crochet was accepted by the lovely Kim Werker, editor and blogger extraordinaire! I have been staying silent about it until the package was actually in the mail, but the vest is finished and is in the hands of someone at Interweave as I type unless UPS has disappointed me horribly. I have photos of the finished thing but kinda don't know if I can post them or if I have to make you all wait. Interweave Knits didn't accept anything, but alas, there is always next time. But now it's back to finishing the pile of UFO's, and I am so happy to not be crocheting that vest anymore! (although it was lovely to make and you should all make it when it comes out this winter!)

01 July, 2007

Getting Sh%t Done

I have done it! I have finished something, finally. My post the other day pushed me to just get something done already. No buttons yet, but it's all sewn together with ends won=ven in and everything. Now I'm off to get sock yarn.