27 July, 2008

Pineapple Afghan

I made this Pineapple afghan long, long ago, in knitting terms these days. I made it in the old days of yore when there were no knitting blogs and doing a search for "Estonian Vikkel Braided Cast On" got you search results involving Estonian travel packages, hair braiding studios and sailing websites.

You like my jank (a philly-ism meaning junky or messed up) Ikea sunken couch of doom? When I was pregnant someone moving had abandoned it on the sidewalk and I made Max help me bring it home. I think it was pregnancy induced psychosis. I had decided that our couch was horrible and needed to change before the baby was born or I was going to freak out. I was going to hold him in until we got new furniture. Or, new for us, I guess.

I have been going through and slowly documenting all of my old projects and adding them to my Ravelry notebook. You can Ravel this project here. I put this one up about 6 months ago and lots of people commented and favorited it so I submitted the pattern to Interweave Crochet Holiday Gifts and never heard back so, their loss is your gain. Get yourself a copy of Interweave Press' Harmony Guide to Crochet Stitches and using an S crochet hook and some Rowan Big Wool work the pineapple doily motif.
I am sorry I have been away longer than usual, but Kate and I have this project going on that is taking up an inordinate amount of time. We are not doing the following:
1. Publishing a book
2. Opening a yarn shop (as if!)
3. Starting an online knitting magazine or social networking site
4. Entering into a knitting theory Phd. program
But that's all I am saying at the moment.
But it's totally exciting!