26 April, 2008

Instead of Blogging

Since blogging less, or at least spending less time worrying about not blogging enough we have:

Been to the beach
Gone fishin'

played whiffle ball in the park (okay, sat on a blanket and watched while friends played whiffle ball in the park)
and played (this pic is for you, andrea! You totally make my day, even if blogging about the people who make my day stressed me out too much to participate!)
I even knit a little bit.
I also managed to do my taxes, start a manos group on ravelry (you know you want to join), cleaned my house (company came) and ordered new Rowan for fall, among other things.  I also started reading Knitting America, finally, and love it when I thought it was going to annoy me.  It is really well written and well researched which suprised me, I don't know why.  I guess because I have come to expect publishers to reign writers in when they get too interesting.  Jaded?  Me?  No!