11 March, 2009


Max's spring break was last week so we took the opportunity to say goodbye to Philly for a bit and head to Austin, where instead of snow we enjoyed margarita's outside at noon. I kept texting Kate to tell her that I was walking around the park (Zilker Park, for all you Austin-ites) in a tank top. She kept telling me to go to hell.
We stayed in this super cute house with these monstrous Century plants that stand guard in front. They will eat you in the night if you don't lock the doors.

While we were there I got to do two fun Kelbourne Woolens things--which was only fair since I abandoned Kate for the week (although she is abandoning me this week, not for margaritas and sunshine but for the flu). I took pictures of our new and soon to be released pattern, The Pattern With No Name As Yet! Known as the ruched cowl, designed by our dear friend Maria Polder. It uses Road to China Light, which is scrumptious, and can be knit using 2, 3 or 4 skeins. This one is knit in the color Dark Amethyst.

How cute is my Mother-in-Law? So cute.
The second was a trunk show at Hill Country Weavers, my favorite Austin LYS!Where I met Lilah, who blogs at The Little Cloud, a great knitter and Fibre Company fan. She got some excellent skeins of Road to China Light in Blue Tourmaline and Plum Jasper. Mmm...pretty.

And afterwards, I too went to Hello Cupcake, the greatest Airstream trailer ever. One vanilla with chocolate and one chocolate with chocolate. No sprinkles. Sprinkles are not for grown-ups.
On a totally different topic, but related to Road to China Light, I just finished what is quite possibly the most perfect sweater I have ever knit. I can't show it to you yet, but in the fall you'll see it in all it's perfect-ness and beauty.

If you're at Rosie's tomorrow you can see it!