27 July, 2008

Pineapple Afghan

I made this Pineapple afghan long, long ago, in knitting terms these days. I made it in the old days of yore when there were no knitting blogs and doing a search for "Estonian Vikkel Braided Cast On" got you search results involving Estonian travel packages, hair braiding studios and sailing websites.

You like my jank (a philly-ism meaning junky or messed up) Ikea sunken couch of doom? When I was pregnant someone moving had abandoned it on the sidewalk and I made Max help me bring it home. I think it was pregnancy induced psychosis. I had decided that our couch was horrible and needed to change before the baby was born or I was going to freak out. I was going to hold him in until we got new furniture. Or, new for us, I guess.

I have been going through and slowly documenting all of my old projects and adding them to my Ravelry notebook. You can Ravel this project here. I put this one up about 6 months ago and lots of people commented and favorited it so I submitted the pattern to Interweave Crochet Holiday Gifts and never heard back so, their loss is your gain. Get yourself a copy of Interweave Press' Harmony Guide to Crochet Stitches and using an S crochet hook and some Rowan Big Wool work the pineapple doily motif.
I am sorry I have been away longer than usual, but Kate and I have this project going on that is taking up an inordinate amount of time. We are not doing the following:
1. Publishing a book
2. Opening a yarn shop (as if!)
3. Starting an online knitting magazine or social networking site
4. Entering into a knitting theory Phd. program
But that's all I am saying at the moment.
But it's totally exciting!


Nan said...

cool, thanks for sharing the pattern

Judy Boddy said...

Thanks for sharing the afghan pattern. Is the Half Pi Shawl pattern on the way soon ? What is the shawl-scarf pattern on your model ? thank's so much, Judy ~~~

Courtney Kelley said...

On the model at the shop? It's the Landscape Shawl, BUT! you start it and just don't change from Garter Stitch. Just keep going until you run out of yarn.

Medea said...

Where can I find the pattern. Ravelry link here and you link to Ravelry.
I like the afghan and want to try to do it.
My name on Ravelry is Medeas

Anonymous said...

where can we find the pattern?

Anonymous said...

So we have to buy a book and use their motif? Please post the text, otherwise it is not really free. Beautiful Afgan, by the way.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the pattern, I signed up on that Ravelry thing and theres not pattern their either.

Mary Page said...

How can i get the pattern for the pineapple afghan.marypage56@yahoo.com