14 August, 2008

Five Year Plan?

"Um...so what are you doing?"
"I'm on my way to class. Why? What's up?"
"So...um...do you, like, want to buy the Fibre Company distributorship?"
"The Fibre Company. Do you want to buy the distributorship with me?"
"Shut up. I have to go to class."

That was an approximation of the conversation I had with Kate back in April. She though I was messing with her. Sometimes at the shop we'll call each other with disguised voices and say things like, "Do you sell yellow yarn? How much does it cost?" or "Can you tell me how to do an Estonian Vikkel braid cast on?" just to mess with each other and I think that Kate thought that was what I was doing. But alas, I was being totally serious. So here we are, 4 and a half month (and many excel spreadsheets) later the proud distributors of The Fibre Company yarns, Kelbourne Woolens.
I own a business, I have a career. It is in the field that I got a degree in (amazing for an art school grad, believe me!) I don't hate my life. I really like it as a matter of fact. Who thought that 10 years ago when I went to get a job in a yarn shop that I would own my own yarn company one day? It's kind of incredible. I am still in shock, can you tell?
As for this blog, I think it's possible that it's day has come. It has served me well, but between Kelbourne and Rosie's (which I am still very much a part of, Rosie's is why I am even writing this right now. Thanks, Lisa, for being amazing and teaching me so much) I just don't think I'll be spending much time here. It's not goodbye for ever, I still have my website, smithislandpatternfactory.com, and Rosie's blog and we'll have a Kelbourne blog so I'll still be around. And there's always Ravelry.
See you around.


EmilyG said...

Many warm congrats to you both!

Anonymous said...

maybe you still are screwing with me.
i still can't believe it sometimes.

Lisa said...

Congratulations to you and Kate!!! I am looking forward to some must knit patterns with that gorgeous yarn.

Andrea said...

I am so proud of you and Kate. Congratulations!!!

Mindy said...

Lisa Kathryn told me last night. Awesome news! Congratulations you two.