26 July, 2006

What would you do if you were stranded on an island?

My partner and I are looking for someone to act as caretaker for our house on Smith Island for some part of or all of the next two years. It would be rent free in exchange for paying the bills (electric and phone)and basic maintenance, and the contingency that we come and stay some weekends. This would be absolutely perfect for someone who wanted to get away and write or make art. There's not a lot of money to be made here, you are seperated from the mainland by a 40 minute ferry ride and there's not many possiblities for work on or off the island. Odd jobs and working on the water keep folks going. People who are handy--carpenters, mechanics and such--would be in demand here! It is a wonderful and inspiring place, however, for someone who desires to live simply and get away from it all. There's no cell phone reception, no DSL, and 3 TV channels on a clear day. Ahhh...I shall miss it! If this sounds intriguing to you drop me a line.


Knitty Delicious said...

Welcome to the blog world C! can't wait until you are back in Philly! We miss you
Christina and beagles!

pumpkinhead said...

If there was internet access I would jump at the opportunity. i am a full time adult college student (recently returned)and enjoy internet classes.just want a place that is quiet to study and KNIT, weave, spin. I've done housesitting in the past, and am very good with pets in case you happen to have one there. i know how to pill a cat or dog and give allergy shots.lol. Also when I lived at home i was the dog chef, for health reasons of one of the 3 dogs they were all fed Dr.harvey's which uses human grade ingrediants: chicken/turkey chopmeat, eggs, water, and Dr. Harvey's mix (looks like oatmeal kinda) and would cook the entree for them. oh well1 :(

Christine said...

That just sounds soooooo tempting. Too bad I couldn't do it - my husband's job makes us stay in Houston. *sigh* But Smith Island sounds like a dream come true to me. An escape from it all. How wonderful would that be?