04 December, 2006


Parthenope (Parth-ehn-oh-pee) is the name of Florence Nightingale's sister. Little known random facts are one of my specialties. Florence and Parthenope were both unusual names for their day. There parents were like the sort of people who today we would equate with the kind of parents who would name their children Boxcar and Moonshadow. Parthenope was born while they were on their honeymoon in Naples (Parthenope being the ancient Greek name for that city). Florence was born a year later and they kept on the Italian city naming kick. While Florence was an academic child, Parthenope was artistic and, as the painting depicts, she was into the needlework. And I think it's a neat name. So here, finally are some pictures of Parthenope the shawl:

And now you can have one for your very own!

Parthenope uses 2 skeins of Shaefer Yarns "Anne" or 1120 yds of any laceweight yarn. Check out the back posts on http://knitandthecity.blogspot.com for the saga of the test knitting!

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Emily said...


I love the story of how Parthenope got her name!! Beautiful shawl!