09 February, 2008

Learning to use the new computer

I bought a new computer for my birthday.  We vacillated between getting another mac (which I wanted) and a pc (which Max wanted).  Now, Max had very good reasons for wanting a pc.  He is in school and he would never have to worry about things not being formatted right.  His disks for his board study guides would always be compatible.  He could do all sorts of useful lifey things. But it was my birthday and I like macs and so I won.  Sometimes I am such a jerk.  
So I have a new computer and I love it.  It is fast and can hold millions of pictures and other useless things.  It can't, however, read the photoshop disk that we have.  I have Adobe Creative Suite on the old computer from a job I had years ago, and alas, not the disks.  So I have been experimenting with having the two laptops side by side and constantly moving my thumb drive between them.  I am sure there is a better way but I am not that technologically savvy.  I did manage to upload a new pattern to ravelry today using that system and I will include the link here too.  I can't get it up on my website because all the guts of the site are on the computer at work.  That's a project for another day.  
The pattern is super simple and I am kinda proud of myself for writing it and getting it online even if it is super simple.  It does take a bit of getting used to how long it takes to get even the simple things done.  It took me six hours to get this sucker up on Ravelry today.  Granted, I was interrupted from my task quite a bit to nurse the babe and eat food (I've never been so hungry in my life!) and play with the baby.  He is starting to get older and it is sort of a shock to (what I thought was) my routine to have him be awake for longer periods of time and need things like entertainment.  A week or so ago it was just sleep, nurse, change diaper, sleep, nurse, change diaper.  Now it's pay attention to me, hold me, play with me, nurse, sleep, change diaper, nurse.  It takes a bit of getting used to--and if what I think is true is in fact true then once I get used to this routine something else will happen.  He'll start moving around on his own or something crazy like that.  


mariss said...

Aww. That's so funny. Congrats on getting your pattern up on Rav!

Clyde is getting so big. I bet it's cool to watch his personality develop :)

Joan K said...

I wonder if GIMP would serve your purposes. It is a Photoshop clone and it is free. You need X 11 though; but that is one your discs which came with your MAC.

EmilyG said...

Adorable hat! Adorable Clyde!

Sigh. Happy Em.

mindy said...

Oh he is too cute! And yup, you're right- as soon as you adjust to this routine, he'll spring a new one on you! Enjoy- it really is over before you know it. (oh, and in case you're wondering, yes, the next one will be totally different!)

Garny LooWho said...

That hat is handsome. It is a great color. The Aurora Bulky was a great choice-it has a nice texture up close.