23 August, 2007

What would you do...

If you had a yarn store all to yourself for the day?

a. Blog and listen to Journey way too loud, hoping customers don't come in and catch you playing air guitar
b. Plan a new sweater (or three) and pull all the yarn out and then feel guilt and put it back, well, except for the thing you are now swatching.
c. Play with Ravelry.
d. All of the above.

Don't worry Lisa, I did some real work too.
But yes, I am in. Ravelry and I are trying to be friends but I don't understand all of it's intricacies yet. I thought it would be more like myspace, but i can't figure out how to find people except by accident or how to save their info so I can keep checking back but I'm not a total moron so I'll figure it out eventually. Come find me if you are in too!

1 comment:

EmilyG said...

DEFINITELY all of the above. Sounds rather delightful. (I'm going to just enjoy imagining you playing air-guitar around the store for a minute...)

Don't stop believin', baby!