26 September, 2007

and I swore I would get better!

Well, after my manic bout of 3 blog posts in a day I have remained dormant. I have to admit that scanning ravelry has taken up a considerable amount of my time, as has sample knitting for Lisa, which I am woefully behind on due to the circumstances of late pregnancy. I am so freaking tired and stupid feeling, it takes all of my energy to hold the needles. I am also having all of those panic moments so whenever I get myself all comfortably (ha!) propped up on the couch to knit my mind wanders to the laundry, the fact that I have no idea how to use our car seat(yes, I am one of those morons that apparently cannot figure out a car seat. I need help!) and I cannot figure out if the stroller I want fits an infant. Ugh. Not to mention that Max hasn't painted the kitchen or bathroom, which is fine, I have faith that he will do it but in the meantime it makes me panicky. God forbid our day old infant should see the drywall seams and un-sanded joint compound. And I just want to stay home and sleep and sweep and wash the baseboards and eat. And, alas, I have no exciting pictures, just wanted to say hello and how are you all?

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EmilyG said...

Oh, my! Stress!

My sister in Charlottesville, VA had a firefighter show them how to install their car seat properly - seemed like a standard service they provided? I don't know if they do the same around here, but it certainly seems like it must mean you're not the only one who can't figure it out.

Thinking calm, non-panicky thoughts at you!