03 October, 2007

Knitting is Mine, Again!

Today is all about rest and relaxation. Not really because I am at work but I did eat french fries and a chocolate milkshake for lunch. Malnutrition feh! And I cast on for the ZephyrStyle "Juliet" sweater in the Misti Baby Alpaca Chunky, which I feel very confident about given that I, like Kate, had to knit a sweater at 6 to the inch in 19 days as well. I didn't do as much of the knitting, I just did the fronts and the back and I had Lisa figure out the pattern because I have gestational stupiditis (GS for short), Wendy knit the sleeves, Suz knit the cuffs, and Lisa knit the yoke. Jocelyn and Kate finished the armhole shaping on the fronts and back (I just knit big rectangles, it's all I can handle) and Laura worked on one of the fronts as well. How many members of Rosie's staff does it take to knit a sweater? 7. Geez.
But now it's done and I can knit something for myself. I do give thanks to the horrible 19 day sweater though, something about being under pressure and being forced to knit snapped me out of my knitting stupor. I have been having this crisis that I couldn't come up with anything clever or inspired to knit. I feel like I should be knitting all of these amazing things for the baby, designing the world's greatest baby sweaters and stinkin' cute hats and booties and all sorts of stuff and instead I lay in bed and drool. Literally. My midwife says drooling is normal. She also said that about the nosebleeds. I think she's nuts. BUT! Inspiration struck last week and I cast on Tuesday for what is destined to become a VERY CUTE sweater. Stacy and I are designing it together and I am really psyched. It's blue and white and a cardigan and it's going to have squirrels on it, boxing squirrels. The picture with the glare has a squirrel-y band at the yoke, that's not boxing squirrels, mind you, but inspiration nonetheless (from Everyday Knitting).Stacy is still working on the chart but in the meantime I have cast on the ribbing in O-Wool 2 ply, which is lovely lovely to work with. How exciting.


Anonymous said...

um, hello! Why did you not tell me about the BOXING squirrel sweater?!?! I want one!

Stinkin' amazing.

Courtney said...

I thought you'd be horribly jealous of Stacy and my secret knitting relationship. (it this an appropriate point at which to insert the bizzare "natch" word?)