01 November, 2007


I just finished this. Ain't it so stinkin' cute? I'm calling it Cecil, mainly because Max won't let me name the baby Cecil although it is a perfect gender neutral name. Max says it's too poncy. Oh well. You win some, you loose some.
I don't have any of the specs here with me at work, but I can tell you it is made out of Koigu, it takes 4 buttons and only one skein of the contrast color. Hopefully the pattern will be available soon, but I'm in finishing mode not pattern writing mode. I keep saying that I'll get x, y or z done after the baby is born cuz I'll be home on maternity but I know I'm kidding myself. Ah well, more cute tiny things to come.
Oh, and ps--Knitting Circle is throwing me a surprise baby shower on Wednesday the 7th! You should come!


mariss said...

Awww. Cecil is an awesome name! Mike's dad is Cecil, and sometimes I call Mike Cecil Jr, since that was almost his name. He's really glad it's not though. And my mom's sister was named Cecilia, which is pretty.

Great job on the sweater. Just remember that when you have the baby, that will be like finishing 86 projects!!!

Can't wait for your party. I hope I don't ruin the 'surprise'. ;)

EmilyG said...

Too. Freakin. Cute.

*head explodes*

mindy said...

Beautiful sweater. Can't wait to see the beautiful baby. Have tons of fun Wed.!

Lisa said...

But, I love poncy names! Cecil is a cool name. The sweater is gorgeous.