21 March, 2008

oh, the cuteness.

Clyde and I have been home with the flu for 3 and a half days now.  I have not been out of my pj's, out of bed or eaten anything more complicated than oatmeal.  But I am feeling a bit better today so I've been spending some quality time with ravelry.  Hence, the short blog post about this.
Excuse me while I go cast on.


EmilyG said...

O. My.

The cuteness, indeed. Brilliant.

Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

if you knit that for your kid and bring him to the store i will steal him and then squish him to pieces.

Lisa said...

That is so clever and cute. And we all know how Clyde rocks stripes :)

Hope you two are feeling better soon! Take good care of them, Max.

Robin said...

That is a great bunting! Wish I had seen that before I made the one I did from Plymouth. Way too much stitching. It was good to see you Saturday.