05 March, 2008


Two weeks ago Max and I were planning on a long weekend trip to Tennessee to visit friends, in particular a good friend who was dying. We were hoping on him being able to meet Clyde, whose arrival he was very excited about. Unfortunately we didn't make it in time, and rushed out of Philly at the last minute to drive 14 hours to middle Tennessee with me, Max, Clyde and Queenie and many suitcases in a snow storm. We arrived, late, in the dark, snowy, hungry, tired (especially me, who is the only driver in our family) and cranky (especially Clyde who couldn't understand why he spent an entire day strapped in a chair). But when we woke up the next morning we saw this lovely sight out of the bedroom window.

and while walking around in the snow we saw this in a pasture! Awww...goats. Our friends have goats and sheep and chicken on their farm and while we were there a baby lamb and two baby goats were born! I have more pictures but for some reason they aren't cooperating.

Wednesday night we arrived at our other friend's house, in the woods on the side of a mountain, for a lovely memorial service.
It was a very lovely warm service, full of friends and food and music and much passing of Clyde around the room. This is an alter for our friend that they made. On the little table there was a dish with his ashes and wildflower seeds. Everyone was encouraged to take some home to scatter. We're going to scatter them in our garden on the island since he never got to come and visit.
And the rest of the time we were there we ended up having lovely weather, and what a beautiful place to spend some time, huh?More to come...
Much knitting happened in Tennessee!


EmilyG said...

I'm so sorry about your friend, and sorry you didn't get a chance to introduce him to Clyde. What a wonderful idea to mix ashes with wildflowers. I hope you have many opportunities to think of him while looking at your garden.

mariss said...

Oh, Courtney, I'm so sorry to hear about your loved one's death. It sounds like a beautiful memorial and way to honor your friend. Big hugs and much love to you guys.